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French Californian

I am a polymath: doctor, designer, educator, endurance athlete, finance expert and explorer of everything!

I am born in France and I grew up there. I first earned a degree in Math and Physics and then I studied Communications & Advertising. After that I got an MBA at the  University of Kansas with a major in investment finance. In school I was really busy with with extra-curricular activities such as writing, composing and playing guitar for my rock band, skiing and sailing (and breaking) boats in students races, as well as preparing for the mandatory French military service. After junior officer training I wanted to serve in a Navy Seals unit but it wasn’t possible because I wore glasses. For me it was the seals or nothing (fun outside, day and night!). Instead I fulfilled my civic duties in the Foreign Service by working for a French company,  Gemini Consulting , in Amsterdam. For 18 months I learned Dutch and worked as an analyst for strategy, M&As and reporting to the mothership in Paris. After my release I joined the  Disney Studios  distribution office in Amsterdam as Senior Analyst. After a couple of years I was promoted to Finance Manager at the Europe/Middle-East/Africa office in London overseeing film acquisition analysis, worldwide duplication optimization, operations and strategic planning.

After four years in a corporate environment I wanted to start my own business and while being a stay-at-home dad I moved to Los Angeles and started my own design firm. I was soon doing quite well. Client included Digital Domain, General Motors, Disney, Warner, Mattel and many dotcom start-ups.

After a couple of years I also joined two start-up companies, Swankytown and Traffic Station as Creative Director, instantly becoming a billionaire… on paper in stock options. Until…… pop, the dotcom bubble went pop! I was transmuted from option nouveau riche to just slightly nouveau US citizen. I expanded and diversified into new areas such as CG animation.

In 2001 I started teaching in college at Otis College of Art + Design. I taught animation and visual effects for five years at Otis. After that I moved to Woodbury University as participating adjunct. I have taught and designed innovative and inspiring classes and helped many students get the most out of their time in college. Check out my Art, Tech & Science combo!

From 2006 to 2010 I also worked at Disney Feature Animation in Talent Development. I trained crews coming on films such as Princess and the Frog, Bolt, The Robinsons. I enjoyed working with amazing artists and generous resources. After another four years at Disney (eight years total!) I decided it was better to go back full time to what I had started on my own: independent media creation but also helping others in endurance sports and life as well as spending more time with my family.

I’m a dedicated and passionate ultra endurance athlete (Ironman triathlons, ultramarathons, mountain running, ski mountaineering) – I have completed and ranked well in prestigious races such as the Boston Marathon, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Pikes Peak Marathon etc. My drive for supporting others reach their full potential in life and in sports was born at Disney when I was coaching athletes on the  Disney Tri Team . We earned some medals at the  Malibu Triathlon  and at  Escape from Alcatraz). I’m also an avid mountaineer and skier and love the Sierra Nevada and the French Alps. I volunteered for a couple of years in search and rescue and the Mammoth Backcountry ski patrol. To this day I’m eager to share my experience not only as an athlete but also as a human being and teacher. I believe a balanced, mindful and compassionate life style is the key to good health and happiness. That is what I teach in my running and meditation  workshops.

My passion for supporting others being healthy and perform led me to Integrative Medicine and I graduated from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with a Master’s and a Doctorate degree. I am in private practice in Santa Monica, CA. I also contribute to Very Well Health (an website) as Medical Reviewer. Visit my medical site if you have a chance.

Thanks for reading! Get in touch for no reason!