Team Eurotrashers Wins #2 At Vineman

The Eurotrashers relay team earned a #2 spot in their age group at Vineman in Sonoma, California on July 31, 2010.

Fabian Kremkus did a great time in the 2.4mi swim in the Russian River, Stuart McDougal delivered an efficient 112mi ride and Arno Kroner ran a 26.2mi in 83F heat. Good job everyone!

Surfing wetsuits, marshmallows, and speedos do get results! There have been talks of a silver medal with the engraving: “Eurotrashers Are Almost The Best”.

See also “The Tri Relay Run” article.

The Tri Relay Run

Now what about running in a triathlon relay team? I have done a fair amount of running in triathlon teams, individually and in the Disney Triteam. We did win some medals in relays (we might have to collect an extra medal at Vineman now!). Being a runner in the Disney team at Alcatraz was my first exposure to the fun of triathlon and it got me hooked to the sport.

There are two types of runs in triathlon, short course triathlon runs (Sprint, Olympic triathlons) and long course triathlon runs (ITU long distance, half iron, full iron). The issues and the strategies are different for each run category (and of course for each athlete).

Aspects that the two types of run share are timing and transition. Although the wait is shorter in sprint distances it is as important to manage the pre-run well in terms of arousal, warm-up, equipment and nutrition.

  • Excitment – if you get too wound up too early the adrenaline is going to stop at some point if you have to wait too long. it is advisable to warm up very lightly and increase the warmup intensity when the cyclist is in sight. the rest of the time should be spent resting and eating and hydrating lightly.

Silverman 2009

If thatโ€™s any use to another long course triathlete here a not-so-brief account of Silverman ( in which i raced on Sunday.

This race was awesome from the registration on Friday, a very nice and mellow expo with decent stuff. and an amazing swag bag (incl. the bag!). no big ironman supermarket which is cool too sometimes. wholefoods near the main race area and a shuttle right at the back of the hotel (i recommend staying at the Hilton garden inn because itโ€™s not smoky unlike casino hotels).ย 

On Saturday morning an opulent breakfast cooked by volunteers, no crowds, the great spirit among the athletes, the volunteers and the organizers. it almost feels like everyone is really doing this together. The weather is perfect. Racing heaven!

Then at 9 am it was probably the first useful race meeting I ever went to. it was condensed, funny, attention-grabbing and informative (well I didnโ€™t pay attention to the cut-off times because Iโ€™m way above that right?). Then a little shopping at the Trisports shop for the tubes and repair kit I forgot to pack. You will see how this got all messed up.

After that, bike drop off at the lake. It always feels weird to leave a race bike in the middle of nowhere overnight! A quick swim in the lake. The water was SO awesome! 68 degrees, clear, flat. Basically like the pool or even better the pool with a wetsuit! I saw fishes and I had sushi on the beach before going back to the hotel for a short run and stretch.

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