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IMCDA 2009

Ironman Coeur d’Alene June 21, 2009 (Father’s Day)

We got there on Wednesday night and went straight to the cabin (on the east side of the lake). Nice house with a view and a dock.

Thursday morning was all about a first swim in the choppy lake (not cold at 63 degrees though). Swallowed a lot of water but not too bad. Registration at 10 am. It was pretty exciting to visit the expo, see the top bikes and buy some IM stuff. Everyone wearing Mdot temporary tattoos. Then a short run in the mountains, a little out of breath because of the altitude.

After a quick swim in the lake at the house,, we went to drive the bike course. The area of the course with the hills around Hayden lake is gorgeous. Rest is a bit of CDA lakefront, farm roads, and freeway and city. Not too hilly in my standards.

Friday same deal. I did one loop of the full swim course. Still choppy but I handled it better than the day before. More accustomed to altitude too. Big confidence boost and excitement for Sunday’s race! Then a quick 40mn cold bike ride in the rain and wind. Yew.

In the afternoon it was time to pack all the race bags. This takes quite a while if you want a flawless organization. I took a picture it’s on facebook. The only thing I’d like to recommend is EFS First Endurance liquid shots. Much more nourishing than gels or bars or blox. Rocket fuel!

At night there was the useless athlete “compulsory” meeting. So boring. The banquet wasn’t appealing either. Instead, we had a delicious (and greasy!) lamb mediterranean burger at Moon Time on Sherman Avenue.

Saturday was the day of bike and bags drop off. I wasn’t quite sure if I should put a plastic bag over my saddle because of the rain showers that were expected. The bike was under a tree so I figured it didn’t matter and I’d be wet too after the swim.

Back home for a quick last run in the hills and pines. I saw a deer. Good omen! I reflected on what brought me here in Idaho to try out the iron distance! I was not nervous and not even anxious. Quite excited actually.

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