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Lesson: When you sit on your cushion, chair, or bench and methodically settle yourself in zazen posture, a shift occurs. You are aligning yourself with the wholeness of life; the wholeness of life is mutually responding and shifting you. We may not see this reciprocity for a time. Nevertheless, in taking the zazen posture and settling yourself, you are committing to a larger reality than can be known from the conditioned, ego-centered point of view. A shift is happening. By settling and raising awareness, can you shift from moment to moment?

Practice for today: Reflect on the nature of shifting. What is it that you are shifting from? What are you shifting towards? Are you reluctant to shift to the present moment; do you find yourself carried away by ego-centered thoughts? Practice returning to your body-breath throughout the day.


Zazen is sacred space
Like the mountains
That’s the shift
The ascent

A bow to the cushion
A turn around
Settle in the sacred container
Bouncey around the mountains of pure self
Clouds of ego
Thunderstorms sometimes
Here and there
The pure land is flooded
It will dry
And EVERYTHING will grow

A timid bell
indicates the landing.

Where’s my luggage?
I don’t need it anymore


in the news

Acupuncture improves quality of life for allergic asthma patients

A large randomized controlled trial involving 1445 patients with allergic asthma found that an integrative medicine approach in which acupuncture is added to routine care demonstrated improvements in both quality of life and physical and mental health.


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Yin Yang Huo / Epimedium

Yang Tonic - Tonifies Kidneys and fortifies the Yang, dispels wind-cold dampness and warms and unblocks the flow of Yang Qi.


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"Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy." -- Lao Tzu

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