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Summer 2017 – Santa Monica, CA.

Summer 2017 – Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Summer 2017 – Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Summer 2017 – San Francisco, Green Gulch Zen Center, CA.

Run better in your mind and lighter in your body! Join us for a lightening workshop on running and meditation with ultra marathoner and wellness advocate Arno Kroner.

Using principles and teachings from the worlds of endurance running, meditation and traditional medicine this enables participants to develop a mind of calm, focused and confident awareness through the practices of sitting and walking meditation. The practice of mindfulness fuels your running and strengthens the mind-body connection. Through running meditation, runners run better, injury free and carry more running joy!


During this half day copious time is devoted to explaining and practicing energy systems, visualization, power naps, stretching, nutrition and gear selection. And we run quite a bit – participants run individually or in groups according to their pace. We run on fire roads, single file trails or beach path.

There is one aid station set up – offering: organic and non-GMO snacks, lunch and hydration. Please bring something to sit on (like a cushion) as well as a towel – be dressed for the weather that day!

Finally an important component of the day is the connection between runners and we facilitate sharing experiences and personal views.

Cost – $55 per person – 12 spots – Price includes organic, vegetarian non-GMO snacks, lunch  and hydration. Click here for detailed program for the day.


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