Tincture 4-pack – Basic formulas for:

• brain enhancement
• digestion / energy
• sexual health
• sleep / clarity

Organic ingredients

$50 + Tax where applicable – Free Shipping

Dui Yao / Single Herbs Tutorial

Summer 2018 – $50
8 Classes

Review herbs and herb pairings for your
academic exams and CA / National
Board Exams.

Price includes study aids.

in the news

Acupuncture improves quality of life for allergic asthma patients

A large randomized controlled trial involving 1445 patients with allergic asthma found that an integrative medicine approach in which acupuncture is added to routine care demonstrated improvements in both quality of life and physical and mental health.


herb of the day

Huáng Qí / Astragali Radix

Qi Tonic - Tonifies Qi and Blood, raises Yang Qi, boost immune system, reduces edema, generates flesh and promotes discharge of pus.


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  • 09/14/2018Functional Endocrinology
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