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I have done product development work (including coding) for a couple of games, interactive web pages, mobile apps, interactive product demos etc. Here are some examples below. More on request.

Knock-Knock and the Who’s There Doors

ipadiphoneWild animation and voice activation lets kids interact with a cast of characters through a series of “Knock Knock Jokes”! You pick a door, it gives the first call out ~ “Knock knock”… You speak into the device ~ “Who’s there”.. the verbal back and forth continues until the door opens revealing to an animated punch line!!! Kids will love interacting with these new friends and parents will enjoy watching their child “yap” into their “app”!

Each volume of jokes is hosted by your favorite door, “Knock Knock” and the “Who’s there doors” as they introduce a series of 60 interactive jokes fully animated by Disney animator Dan Lund (Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Hunchback etc) and voiced by leading artists from the world of family entertainment.

I developed custom code to enable voice activation and give the doors an ear! Kids love it.



The Swami

He was originally designed to figure on the swankytown web site. Start asking him silly questions! he will answer very often with answers that do make sense. It’s probably because you are trying to make order out of chaos! Have fun!


Other Fun Swankytown Stuff

Check out this old stuff made for Swankytown back in the day: the Elephant Game, the Boulevard, the Cards etc. Have fun!

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Mapping Effects of Electroacupuncture Paves Way for Targeted Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment

By mapping the molecular effects of electroacupuncture in mice with fibromyalgia, a research team suggested that the molecule ASIC3 might be a suitable target for the development of treatments for pain sensitivity in fibromyalgia.


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Yin Yang Huo / Epimedium

Yang Tonic - Tonifies Kidneys and fortifies the Yang, dispels wind-cold dampness and warms and unblocks the flow of Yang Qi.


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  • 11/17/2017Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry
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