I have been taking and manipulating pictures for as long as I can remember. I can’t help looking at the world and fishing out some nuggets of interesting contrast, natural beauty or complete non-sense. Photographing is bearing witness to the world we are part of, it’s a response for making sense out of apparent chaos – photography is for control freaks or individuals with high anxiety. Or perhaps a love of the world as it is.

Click on one of the pictures below to launch a slide show for each one of my main collections: Plastic OK, Noord or Christian Science. Some of the prints are still for sale in the store. If there is a picture you particularly like contact me to see if it can still be printed and framed (plexi sandwich only). I only print two of each.

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The Role Of Acupuncture In The Midst Of The Opioid Crisis

acupuncture has the potential to reduce or even in some cases eliminate the need for opioids and non-opioid drugs while also helping to treat opioid addiction.” Researchers believe acupuncture can replace opioids through stimulating the production of the human body’s “endogenous opioids”.


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Rén Shēn / Ginseng Radix

Qi Tonic - Tonifies source Qi, strengthens Spleen and Stomach, tonifies Lungs, generates fluids, benefits Heart Qi and clams the spirit


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