I really don’t know what to say here. Is there something to say anyway? MU!

The best way to introduce this series of animation is perhaps to tell you the mu koan:

A monk asked Jōshū, a Chinese Zen master: “Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?” Jōshū answered: MU.
—The Gateless Gate, translation by Robert Aitken

Click on any of the six thumbnails below to watch koan rebus. in no particular order. will you find mu?

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Acupuncture improves quality of life for allergic asthma patients

A large randomized controlled trial involving 1445 patients with allergic asthma found that an integrative medicine approach in which acupuncture is added to routine care demonstrated improvements in both quality of life and physical and mental health.


herbe du jour

Dà Huáng / Rheum_palmatum

Purgative - Drains heat and purges accumulations and fire, dries damp, promotes urination, cools the blood, invigorates blood circulation and removes blood stasis, reduces fire toxins


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