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The Putumayo Music’s Kids division periodically releases DVDs set against a colorful World Playground where the charismatic show-host, Marlo, leads audience members on a magical journey around the world. I got to use Marlo’s voice and animate a drawn version to create colorful and lively introductions to each music video. Because we can’t show them all find below the ones we did for Italy and Venezuela. Special thanks to my friends at Putumayo for the opportunity to work on such a fun and rewarding project!

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The Role Of Acupuncture In The Midst Of The Opioid Crisis

acupuncture has the potential to reduce or even in some cases eliminate the need for opioids and non-opioid drugs while also helping to treat opioid addiction.” Researchers believe acupuncture can replace opioids through stimulating the production of the human body’s “endogenous opioids”.


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Yin Yang Huo / Epimedium

Yang Tonic - Tonifies Kidneys and fortifies the Yang, dispels wind-cold dampness and warms and unblocks the flow of Yang Qi.


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