There is a lot of short animation on this site. Although I have been involved in a couple of feature films, short animated content for a variety of media is what I do independently, whether it’s for clients or for my own work. Below you can watch my demo reel and you can also visit the different sections: Koanrebus, The Parkers, Shellforms, commercial animation, experimental. You will also find that the games I made also contain some animation of course.

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The Role Of Acupuncture In The Midst Of The Opioid Crisis

acupuncture has the potential to reduce or even in some cases eliminate the need for opioids and non-opioid drugs while also helping to treat opioid addiction.” Researchers believe acupuncture can replace opioids through stimulating the production of the human body’s “endogenous opioids”.


herbe du jour

Dà Huáng / Rheum_palmatum

Purgative - Drains heat and purges accumulations and fire, dries damp, promotes urination, cools the blood, invigorates blood circulation and removes blood stasis, reduces fire toxins


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  • 11/17/2017Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry
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