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In the very early 90s, when I was doing my national service in Amsterdam I decided to launch a newsletter. I decided to do it secretly. So I started writing, designing, printing in parts, getting tons of lettrasets, cutting and pasting (literally) and photocopying (at the office). I would then send the newsletter by mail to about 50 people I knew. And I would enjoy joining in conversations where everyone was curious why they were receiving the newsletter. Almost 25 years later I scanned everything and posted PDFs:

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in the news

Hospital Emergency Room Using Acupuncture To Treat Pain, Nausea

Minnesota hospitals are blazing a trail when it comes to integrative medicine. Only two hospitals in the nation offer acupuncture in the emergency room. KARE 11's Ivory Hecker takes us inside one of them in Shakopee.


herbe du jour

Dà Huáng / Rheum_palmatum

Purgative - Drains heat and purges accumulations and fire, dries damp, promotes urination, cools the blood, invigorates blood circulation and removes blood stasis, reduces fire toxins


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