render checklist

This list can save you time before an overight render and a deadline:

  • Is all geometry as optimal as possible (no wasted, flat or excessive CVs or faces)?
  • Is NURBS tesselation all set to Advanced and adjusted to screen space?
  • Is camera clipping not exceeding a 0.1 to 20,000 ratio?
  • Is Auto-Render Clip Plane turned off in the camera attributes?
  • Is bump mapping depth around 0.1 to 0.2 (versus 1)?
  • Are all file texture filer values set to as least 1?
  • has a test render of two to three frames been fone to check texture aliasing and motion blur?
  • Is Reuse Shadow Maps used for static shadows?
  • Is Dmap Auto Focus turned off and set manually in spotlight shadows?
  • Are all history and construction curves delted?
  • Has File > Optimize Scene size been done?
  • Has Multilister/Hypershade > Edit > Delete Unused been done?
  • Are BOT Textures used?
  • Are textures sampled down to screen space and at powers fof two?
  • Is animation padding set top 4?
  • Have you closed all other applications to save RAM?
  • Can you replace Point Lights with Spotlights?
  • Turn off Motion Blur and Reflections for things that don’t need them
  • Make sure the right camera is slected in the render globals!

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Rén Shēn / Ginseng Radix

Qi Tonic - Tonifies source Qi, strengthens Spleen and Stomach, tonifies Lungs, generates fluids, benefits Heart Qi and clams the spirit


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