zen e-course // day 61 – feedback

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Exactly what the doctor ordered! An extra assignment! I though I’d be relieved or facing some e-course withdrawal but nothing happened when the assignments stopped from coming. Because they didn’t, the assignment of the day is FEEDBACK. What do I think? Do I even still think? But of course!

First, I think Roshi is awesome. Hooray for fearlessly experimenting and starting something new while building on a tradition of teaching. It is truly modern dharma. What is modern dharma anyway, just dharma now then it’s just dharma! Thank you. Overall the course was a way to bring focus on every day’s reality and extract the essence of some facets of reality. As they say “Time is nature’s way of making sure that everything doesn’t happen at once” (Anonymous) the assignments were a way to make sure everything didn’t happen at once too. The assignments allowed to push the record button and review the dailies frame by frame!

Second, during the e-course i never felt I was doing something separate. The assignments integrated seamlessly into whatever reality was at that time. This made the assignments often feel relevant to what was going on in the phenomenal world or absolute world at the time but that’s no coincidence or synchronicity, it’s probably because they were well thought out. Thank you for the skilfull meaning!

zen e-course // day 60 – “nous sommes embarqués”

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Lesson: You have received the greatest gift — the gift of life. You have the capacity to live each moment filled with the awe of awakening. Oh, you may forget from time to time what you are living for and how to live. You may lose sight of everyone altogether and the amazing power we have to end suffering. And yet, you are already endowed with a natural, fundamental completeness. You have a practice and a Sangha with whom you can nurture a relationship based on mutual awakening and an intimate and sustained reciprocity over a lifetime, however long that may be. When you see what you already have in abundance, liberation comes forth as gratitude.

Practice for today: Completely receive this gift of Life. Allow giver, receiver, and gift to dissolve without a trace into this very moment that we all share together.


(last shot of  Das Himmel Uber Berlin)

We are embarqued; We have departed (also translated as We have begun)

Fortsetzung Folgt. means To Be Continued

Deep bows of gratitude and amazement to all the bodhisattvas who participated in this experiment. Roshi, thank you so much for leading us through examples and writing to “look deeply and live broadly”. Thanks many times to Senshin, Yudo, Burt and Eb who have supported this adventure. And thanks to my ego-self for not killing me.


zen e-course // day 59 – no end in sight

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Lesson: The Buddha taught that taking human form is a rare, precious gift that you must never take for granted. It is said that the chances of being born as a human being are as rare as a sea turtle surfacing from the depths of the ocean and putting its head through a ring floating on the water. Or a sea turtle, with only an eye on its belly, wanting to see the sun, surfaces and finds a board on which it can float on its back with its eye to the sun. The point is that by losing sight of the gift of human life, you may become so mired in everyday worries or self-preoccupations that you completely miss the amazing fact that you are alive. The experience of gratitude begins when you stop taking life for granted.

Practice for today: See past the so-called problems and worries that occupy your mind to the amazing fact of being alive!

no end in sight

being alive yes
it’s this
and that
or just this

so-called worries…
not really.
worries light,

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"Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy." -- Lao Tzu

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