The Tri Relay Run

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Now what about running in a triathlon relay team? I have done a fair amount of running in triathlon teams, individually and in the Disney Triteam. We did win some medals in relays (we might have to collect an extra medal at Vineman now!). Being a runner in the Disney team at Alcatraz was my first exposure to the fun of triathlon and it got me hooked to the sport.

There are two types of runs in triathlon, short course triathlon runs (Sprint, Olympic triathlons) and long course triathlon runs (ITU long distance, half iron, full iron). The issues and the strategies are different for each run category (and of course for each athlete).

Aspects that the two types of run share are timing and transition. Although the wait is shorter in sprint distances it is as important to manage the pre-run well in terms of arousal, warm-up, equipment and nutrition.

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