zen e-course // day 2 – wholeness

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Lesson: The zen of zazen has two Chinese characters. One means to show or to reveal and the other means one or single. From these meanings, we see that the essence of the word zen is to reveal yourself as the oneness of life. You show yourself as the unity of everything. You yourself are the wholeness of life. You are the mandala, the infinite circle. In zazen, you are not gaining something that you are lacking, nor are you losing anything in order to become whole. Rather, the reality of the wholeness of life is affirming itself as you.

Practice for today: Reflect upon the phrases “the wholeness of life” or “the unity of life.” What do you believe you need to gain in order to become whole? What do you believe you need to lose in order to know wholeness? What about starting as wholeness itself?

Hello e-Sangha!

First of all thank you all for your beautiful and insightful posts. It’s the best part of the course!

Life wholesomeness has always been there for me. I’ve always remembered it and known it was there. The impression the world left on me as a young child was always wholesome, the forest, the mountains, the oceans, music, pictures, EVERYTHING! It’s our natural state I feel. Then I got conditioned, educated, varnished, framed and the essence was diluted or the beautiful natural wood was painted. This practice has consisted of sanding the layers to get the grain back! It’s like going home.

zen e-course // day 1 – zazen

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Welcome to our E-Course!

This e-course will weave itself from the strands of core practices that create the Zen Center mandala, or circle of life, and your input through the E-Group, or by emailing Roshi directly with your comments or questions.

Key Requirement: Do zazen every day, sitting from five minutes to an hour daily.

Alert: You may not be able to keep up with the course. Feel free to go at your own pace!

E-Course DAY 1 – Monday, October 4, 2010

Lesson: Zazen is the core practice of Zen practitioners. In explaining the word zazen, Maezumi Roshi said that the Chinese word za is a combination of person and ground. The character for ground can also mean scale or balance. In the character za, there are two people, one on each arm of the scale. For our purposes today, we can consider that on one side of the scale is the true self and, on the other side, your conditioned ego-centered self. A scale is always moving, responding to whatever is present. Za means that life is balancing or harmonizing. It is not a static state, but a non-stop, continuous responding (rather than reacting) to whatever is arising.

Practice for today: Imagine yourself as the scale: the true self on one side, your conditioned, ego-centered self on the other side. Notice how the scale is tipping from moment to moment. What do you notice about the movement of the conditioned, ego-centered self with the true self, and vice versa?

Hello everyone

I guess someone has to post first! I felt inspired by the subject to make a picture so here it is: http://www.mogawa.net/zcla/zazen_scale.jpg)

My intention was to translate a perception that my true self (still working on getting to it actually) is a constant. The ego centered activity comes and goes and moves the balance but doesn’t affect the true self beside masking it or distorting it or revealing it.

Curious about your contributions!

In gassho


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For  3 weeks roshi has been offering reflection material in the form of assignments geared toward deepening our practice.

The intention is to post my assignments here and also create a piece that will incorporate and mirror the practice of all in this e-sangha. The course is  a valuable source of practice. Nothing has changed and everything has changed through this practice booster. The course takes 6 weeks. When taken seriously it represents quite a lot of work, internally and writing it out with the right words which is challenging because english is rather limited for the spiritual business. For me so far it has been an experience of confirmation and clarification, clearing up a lot of dead wood and uncovering new openings.

The path of study is supercharged at this point. I also have started learning Tibetan and trying to find a teacher. It’s not a very conscious choice I have to admit and  by today’s standards not a profitable use of time. I often hear that no one speaks Tibetan and that it’s useless. I don’t learn Tibetan to get anywhere. I just learn to learn. It’s important of abandoning any hope of fruition. It leads everywhere. In all ten directions.

I learn Tibetan because I have noticed that there are a lot of phenomena that we have difficulty expressing in English. Especially for the dharma. I find English quite limited and materialistic. It’s a very practical and useful language but it stops there. French or German or Spanish the same. So we need to enrich our language if we want to enrich our culture.

Looking back I seem to have ‘practice boosters’ about every five years, I wonder what type of cycle that would be. The wheel turning every five years? Every five years there is a dharma bigger opening in the fabric of time and space. Every time it is a source of transformation and deepening and further understanding of the self. Don’t stop.



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